Our Training

Our Training

Are you ready to make the difference?

At Victoria Academies Teacher Training we deliver a School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) programme where educational theory and practice are expertly combined, providing our trainees with a stimulating and highly relevant training experience.

Victoria Academies Teacher Training offers a practical and ‘hands on’ approach to your training, providing the unique opportunity to train within our vibrant family of Trust schools.

From day one you will be immersed in school life, interacting with our staff and pupils, and engaging with the classroom environment. At the beginning of the course you will undertake centrally taught sessions, and also observe lessons, in order to directly experience how the theory you learn can be put into practice in the classroom setting.

By the second half term, you will start your first school attachment, where you will be supporting outstanding teachers in the classroom and will also start to teach lessons yourself. You will gradually build up the amount of time you spend teaching as the year progresses, and on your second attachment, towards the end of the training year, you will eventually build up to teaching 80% of a class timetable!

You will be guided and supported every step of the way through this process by your tutor, mentors, and Victoria Academies Teacher Training session leaders, who together will provide you with the relevant theory, subject knowledge and pedagogy that you will need in order to succeed on the course.

Learning to teach at Victoria Academies Teacher Training gives trainees the opportunity to:

Depending on your chosen training route:


  • gain a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)
  • gain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)
  • gain up to 60 credits towards a Masters Qualification (accredited by the University of Birmingham)
  • benefit from fantastic career prospects

The Training Programme

The Training Programme

How is Victoria Academies Teacher Training structured?

During your training year you will have:

  • Two school-based attachments
  • Centrally taught sessions delivered by Victoria Academies Teacher Training trainers.
  • School experience weeks in a special school, and a nursery or secondary school (KS3) setting.
  • Three masters level assignments that relate to 3 modules within the core sessions (for PGCE and QTS routes only).

School based attachments

First Attachment (Autumn: term 2 and Spring: term 1)

From the third week of the programme, you will start to spend pre-attachment days in your first attachment school. During these pre-attachment days, there will be a focus on observation and teaching across one age phase. You will also begin to teach, initially with a small group of children, but later with the whole class. Progress will be monitored and assessed by class teachers to help form a baseline for the start of your block teaching practice. Following the pre-attachment days, you will begin an 8-week block attachment in a base class where you will gradually build up to teaching 50% of the timetable.

Second Attachment (Summer: terms 1 and 2)

Your second school attachment will be based in a different school and in a different key stage, in order to provide you with a contrasting school experience.

Teaching will be concentrated in a ‘base’ class. You will be expected to demonstrate competence in a full range of curriculum areas and gain the further experience necessary to meet the Teachers’ standards. During this attachment you will gradually build up to teaching 80% of the timetable.

Additional School experience

Trainees will also have the opportunity to complete school experiences within a special school setting and nursery (Primary with EYFS) or high school (General Primary) depending on their chosen programme

The taught course

We provide a number of centrally taught sessions within the core modules of Professional Studies, Maths, English, Science and Computing.

For those trainees who choose the PGCE with QTS routes, linked to core sessions in Maths, English and Professional Studies is the requirement to complete three masters level written assignments that lead to the award of masters credits and the PGCE. Trainees are granted access to the University of Birmingham’s library to enable the successful completion of these. You will be given separate session guidance for core modules that detail the overview and aims of each session.

Other subjects which are covered in centrally taught sessions include:

  • Physical Education
  • Religious Education
  • Art, Design and Technology
  • Music
  • History
  • Geography
  • Social Enterprise
  • Forest schools
  • Drama
  • Modern Foreign Languages

All sessions are delivered by Victoria Academies Teacher Training trainers, who are subject leaders and specialists within their given area. For trainees who are completing the EYFS route, there are additional sessions designed to cover early childhood development and areas of EYFS practice. All trainees are required to keep subject knowledge folders to document learning from each of the core modules and track this learning alongside any additional subject knowledge enhancement that they complete within their subject knowledge action plans.

Who will oversee my training?

A School-based mentor

Whilst on school-based attachments, each trainee is allocated a school-based mentor who takes the responsibility for day-to-day support and training, and the assessment of progress throughout the time within the school. The school-based mentor may be the class teacher or another teacher within the school. (If the mentor is not the class teacher, then both parties will liaise closely about daily progress).

Trainees are observed by their mentor on a weekly basis, and also meet with their mentor weekly, to review the week, discuss progress made, and to set/review targets. Mentors will adjust the training programme to meet the trainee’s individual needs based on their progress, their strengths, and their areas of development, as they emerge throughout the programme.

A Victoria Academies Teacher Training Tutor

All trainees will be allocated a Victoria Academies Teacher Training Tutor who is responsible for monitoring their progress throughout the course and who makes assessments about attainment, taking into account all elements of the programme and mentor feedback and assessment.

Trainees will receive at least 8 tutorial sessions over the course of the programme aimed to discuss and reflect on progress, and these may consist of visits whilst on school-based attachment to observe teaching.

Trainee Mentors

Meet two of our Victoria Academies Teacher Training mentors, Soneeta and Kirandeep.
Here they tell us a little bit about themselves, what being a Victoria Academies Teacher Training mentor entails, and the ways in which they support and develop their trainees during their school-based attachments.



Professional Development

Your Career

We understand that undertaking teacher training is an investment, and we take your future employment seriously. We are thrilled to say that 100% of trainees who completed our programme in 2015/16 and 2016/17 went on to secure employment as NQTs.

Well over half of our trainees (65%) secure employment at schools within Victoria Academies Trust as NQTs, and they continue to benefit from the supportive relationships formed during their training year. Where possible, our vision is to train teachers who will remain within Victoria Academies Trust, serving our local communities and transforming the lives of the children at our schools.







*100% of trainees that completed the course passed

Your Career

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