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Farry Ghasemi


“The best thing so far about the training year is the amazing feeling I get when I am teaching, and I can see that the children are really engaged and enjoying their learning; it makes you feel so satisfied!”

Farry decided to take a teaching assistant course when her youngest child started school, and then became a key worker at a nursery. She enjoyed interacting with the children, and began to realise that she has a passion for teaching. She knew that training to become a primary school teacher would be challenging, not least because English is not her first language, but she decided not to let anything hold her back from following her dreams. She was offered a place on the course and started her teacher training in September 2017.

Farry’s Story

When my youngest started school I decided to take a teaching assistant course, but I never thought I would go any further. I found a job as a key worker in a nursery, and it was through this job that I found my passion for teaching. I really enjoyed working with children, in fact, I loved every minute of it, so I started looking into how to gain the qualifications I needed to start teacher training. I did a foundation degree, followed by my BA honours last year, and then I applied to the training programme and started in September 2017.

I wanted to train in my local area; it made sense to train somewhere close to home because of my children. Another reason that I chose the training programme was because they offer the Early Years pathway into teaching, and I know that’s the age group that I want to teach.

I have to admit that I was very nervous about starting my teacher training, and of the challenges ahead, especially because I am a mature student and English is not my first language. It was very daunting! However, I was eased in gradually, and you always feel well prepared for each stage of the training. The pre-attachment induction days, where you visit your placement school in advance of starting your actual placement, are especially helpful. By the time you start your school placement you already know the school and the people, and so you feel a lot less nervous.

The support I have received so far from my mentors and tutors has been fantastic. They have given me lots of constructive advice to help me to improve my teaching, and have really motivated and inspired me. They have also supported me at times when I have felt a bit overwhelmed! For example, sharing strategies to help me to save time on paperwork. If I have ever needed them they have been there for me, at the end of a phone call or an email. Most importantly, they have really helped me to build up my confidence in the classroom, and they have prepared me really well to start working as a NQT in September.

I have really enjoyed meeting new people through my training, and I’ve developed a really close friendship with the other trainees; we’re now like a small family! We always communicate with each other and share ideas, ask each other questions, or share any worries. We are always there for each other.

One of the key advantages of my training is there job opportunities. I have managed to secure a job within Victoria Academies Trust for next September, and I am really looking forward to it! I wanted to work for the Trust, and applied for a job within the Trust, because I know that all of their schools encourage teaching in an innovative and creative way. That’s how I’ve been trained to teach and that’s the way I want things to continue! The Trust is very forward thinking, and is really keen on continual professional development. It’s very important to me that I work somewhere where I am continually being inspired to be the best teacher that I can be for the children that I teach, and that I am being supported to keep striving for that.

I am thoroughly enjoying doing my teacher training. I have made really good friends with the other trainees, and we have a great time whenever we get together.However, the best thing so far about the training year is the amazing feeling I get when I am teaching, and I can see that the children are really engaged and enjoying their learning; it makes you feel so satisfied!”

I’ll probably regret mentioning this, but it has to be the time when I ate the last piece of cake on the table, without realising it was the piece being saved for the Headteacher! That was probably the funniest, and most embarrassing, moment for me!

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