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Trainee Stories

Find out what it’s like to train with Victoria Academies Teacher Training.

Sally Martin

“When I started my training, I quickly realised that I had struck gold. The support that I’ve received so far from my tutors and mentors has been extremely individualised.”

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Farry Ghasemi

“The best thing so far about the training year is the amazing feeling I get when I am teaching, and I can see that the children are really engaged and enjoying their learning; it makes you feel so satisfied!”

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Case Studies

Read some examples of the work and unique opportunities that are available across the Trust

Enterprise – Ballot Street

Case StudyBallot Street Spice CETT provide training around the teaching of enterprise in schools as part of their ITT programme. Victoria Park Academy, the school in which CETT is based, are at the forefront of national practice in this area. Victoria Park Academy...

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EYFS practice across Victoria Academies Trust

Case StudyEYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage)practice across Victoria Academies Trust Central England Teacher Training offers students two different routes into teaching which they can choose between; they are the General Primary Route (with a focus on teaching...

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Read our fantastic testimonials.

Current Year 4 Teacher at Victoria Park Primary Academy, Martin Cavill recounts his journey from hearing the news that he had successfully gained an NQT post, to his very first day in charge of 30 children.

“The mixture of excitement and nerves that ran through me was palpable as I answered the phone to the head teacher, who paused for what seemed like a week to tell me the news that I had been given my first teaching position. I remember thinking wow! Have I really just been offered this fantastic opportunity? It took only moments for my excitement to turn into pure terror: I’m going to be in charge of a group of 30 plus kids, what will I do? How will I manage it? What happens if they don’t like me? Up until this point I had always had a fantastic support system of class mentors, tutors, experienced teachers’ and my cohort of trainees alongside me to keep me focused and offer me support. Surely, I alone wasn’t ready to take on a bunch of year 4 children. There must have been a mistake, my year of training had gone by in a flash and I was suddenly feeling far from prepared for the oncoming year.

Fast forward to September: this was it, my first break since taking on the course was near a close, my classroom was far from perfect and in two days it would be full of chattering 8-9 year olds expecting me to be composed and ready. Was it too late to back out? The answer was YES… I wasn’t going to let the nerves get the better of me, after all I had received fantastic training and had been told I was capable of this. Furthermore, the training and support had not stopped. I had been liaising with my NQT mentor throughout the summer and she kept me on track; supporting me with planning, explaining many of the processes and supporting me with classroom set-up. At this point, I did not realise the importance of having her, but she has been such a rock, helping me through what seems like the never ending marking, planning, meetings with parents, book scrutiny’s, learning walks, assessment, on occasions screaming children and an Ofsted inspection to mention just a few roles. In addition to this, I have been given a fully loaded NQT program to help my continual development and best prepare me for the day to day challenges of been a teacher. These sessions not only extend my own knowledge but give me the opportunity to impart best practices that I have come across to other NQT’s in the trust.

The buzzing question I constantly get asked by old work mates is would I consider changing my job? If you catch me on a bad day the answer would possibly be yes, but in honesty no I would not. I see teaching as more as a vocation than a job, I love coming to work every day and seeing what the day throws at me. Something you learn very quickly as an NQT is that no two days are ever the same – more importantly, the perfect plan does not exist! You can plan what you think is the ‘perfect’ lesson and end up having 31 blank faces staring back at you. Believe me times like this are hard but you learn to reflect and adapt. I’m grateful for the ongoing support of not only the team around me but the course who provided me with the skills I needed to carry out my dream. Without them I would not be doing what I love and certainly would not have coped with those ‘failed’ lessons”.

Applying to Victoria Academies Teacher Training was a last minute decision for Nursery Teacher, Natasha Evans at Rowley Park Primary Academy. A decision she will never regret!

“I always had an end goal of teaching as working with children has always been something that I am passionate about. I also have a love for Drama and Performance and completed my degree within this area at Worcester University.

My degree led to me helping to run youth theatre companies and then gaining employment teaching drama at Stagecoach. I was also working as part of the management team at Build a Bear Workshop and volunteering in my local primary school.

Due to work commitments I had little time to properly consider different teaching courses. I thought that applying to a University was the only option for me to complete a PGCE.

After seeking advice from a teacher friend, she explained to me that she was working within a trust that provides teacher training programmes, she re-assured me that there was still time to apply and that they still had places available. After researching the trust and finding out about their core values I was eager to apply. From there things progressed quickly. The application process was easy to follow and Sharon Chana was just a phone call away when help was needed! I really enjoyed my time on the course and the tutors and mentors are all extremely approachable and helpful.

The course has allowed me to refresh my knowledge on all areas of the school curriculum. I would recommend this course to anyone considering a career in teaching!”